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See full summary » Now celebrating its 75th anniversary, the annual Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel, Austria, has produced unforgettable triumphs and heartrending tragedies, a heritage that is full of myths and ...

See full summary » This is a story of rising to the ultimate challenge.

For more information about the current TTL value for Elastic Load Balancing, go to Request Routing in the and search for "ttl".

Alias resource record sets can save you time because Amazon Route 53 automatically recognizes changes in the resource record sets that the alias resource record set refers to.

Benintendi belts a pair of three-runs HRs in the Bronx Andrew Benintendi hit a pair of three-run homers on Saturday to become the first rookie ever to have a two-HR, six-RBI game––for either side––in a Red Sox-Yankees game.

Little wonder: tracks including a Latin-tinged Sambao Sambao and her own exquisite ballad, Little Paradise, fizzed with optimism, bathed you in warmth.The photography is awesome but the unbelievable tenacity in the face of such a hostile environment coupled with a matter-fact commentary in a German accent can only be described as a mental defect or simply German.Try and see it up big and certainly Hi-Def, if you want edge of the seat stuff, then this is the film for you.Having the courage to risk fatal expo- sure and the perseverance demanded on the quest for achievement.These are not solely physical feats, they are mental conquests. Elias is the destination for a trio of mountaineers determined to reach the mountain's summit, and to ski back down as well. Elias documents their journey as they trek the fine line between bravery and madness.For example, suppose an alias resource record set for points to an ELB load balancer at lb1-1234.us-east-2


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