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The title of Peter Abelard’s famous treatise on the contradictions in the Bible, Sic et non, can be rendered So and Not [So], but it is more often translated Yes and No.No Roman, however, would have said “sic” the way we English speakers say yes.Totally free Hispanic dating website is to help Mexican singles to seek their partners online.Looking for Hispanic women for marriage at these Mexican dating sites is common these days.

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Women on Internet dating sites in Latin America carry the same baggage as those on dating sites in the United States (surveyed). Pay by the hour hotel rooms (telos) aren’t just for drug dealers and prostitutes. If she knows where the cheap telos are outside her neighborhood, pump the brakes and think about it. In South America, discotecas are what we call Night Clubs and Night Clubs are what we call places where you pay women to have sex with you. Strip clubs in Latin America aren’t like those in the States; lap dances are like a free sample.

Argentine women get fake boobs through their health insurance.

Latin Punctuality Guide – Work: on time, Date: 10-20 minutes late, Party: 1-2 hours late. Some Colombian girls get fake boobs for their Quinceañera (sweet 15).

Gringo hunters are real and they can be very persuasive.

Men will respect you for it and women think it’s cute. If you surround yourself with tourists, you’ll be treated like one. Playing the “strong silent” type can be a great angle if you don’t know what anyone is saying.


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    Improbable perhaps is the right word, but there are many things that are improbable and yet happen.

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    “What a lot of people don't realise is that the brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body.

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