Barrino dating fantasia foxx jamie

Ever the trooper, she finished the song, exited gracefully and was treated at...

Actress Jennifer Hudson bid farewell to three slain relatives Monday in an emotional funeral that included rousing gospel performances by her former "American Idol" competitors.

Holmes, Foxx, and Cruise ran into each other during a Monday Night Football game and posed for a quick photo op.

In October of 2013, Foxx tried to throw the media off his trail.

He told reporters that the dating rumors were “one hundred percent not true,” though he admitted that they were amusing.

A Look Back at the Couple's Long-Rumored Romance For the record, multiple sources have confirmed to ET that Foxx, 48, and Holmes, 37, are in fact dating.

So, why then have they kept this potentially long-term relationship such a secret? "I'm learning as I navigate through this business that, you know, your business is your business," she exclusively told ET.


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