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However, being honest with yourself and your partner demonstrates respect for each other.

Trust Trust in a relationship means that you can expect the other person to be a support to you and you a support to them.

Many of us can probably visualize our idea of the “perfect relationship.” It is more important, however, to aspire to a healthy relationship comprised of the following four principles: Respect When two people are in a relationship, there should be mutual respect for each person as an individual.

Having a healthy, respectful relationship means that each partner values the other and what is important to them.

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A social issue some men have is that they feel a bit ill at ease around other males.

The ramifications and consequences to our culture – especially the youth – has yet to play out entirely.

What once was talked about in private and looked at or kept a secret, not to mention hard to get your hands on is how flowing freely into our homes and into the eyes, hearts and minds of our young people.

In this must-read book for families and youth groups, Christian teens share their secrets to dating, relating.

Each chapter is packed with great advice: can't-miss communication tips, smart boundaries (and how to set them), dating mistakes, and the Bible's candid answers about love and sex.


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