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It contains many of the family names that still grace the church roll: Baird, Caldwell, Chandler, Henry, Smith, Mc Donald, Seibold, Starnes or Stearnes, to name a few. He has the distinction of having served Henryville longer that any pastor on record and perhaps the distinction of having added the most members at one time to the church roll.

The local paper, the Democrat, reported in October 1881 that he "had just closed a series of protracted meetings on his little mission resulting in about forty accessions to the Church." At first, the Henryville Church, along with other Methodist churches in the North Alabama watered by streams flowing into the Tennessee River, was part of the Tennessee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

Henryville has been worshiping at its present location since the initial building was constructed in 1883.

In 1939, the frame church building was torn down and the existing cobblestone structure was built. Leslie, immediately went to Guntersville soliciting material for a building. Stearns and Jackson Mc Donald saw that a wood frame house of worship was completed prior to cold weather.

The team also has plans the could include preserving some of the areas from any human activity.

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This anthropomorphic figure drawn on an Alabama cliff at least 600 years ago is one of a priceless series of endangered Tennessee Valley cliff art saved by a coalition of Southern preservationists and Indian tribes.

Welcome to Tuscumbia Alabama, a city steeped in history dating to 1820.

Tuscumbia was an early center for agriculture, commerce and industry that included the first railroad west of the Allegheny Mountains. An ample labor supply and ideal location, coupled with a progressive local government and community support, attract those who seek a desirable place to live, work and prosper.

Today, the ABC Board operates 173 ABC Stores and seven Enforcement Divisions that provide for the safety of the state’s citizens through licensing, education and drug and alcohol enforcement activities.

The ABC Warehouse, located in the Central Office in Montgomery, supplies all of the liquor sold in the state.


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