Kabbalah number dating

Not too long ago, I was learning with Kabbalist Rav Berg at his home.

We discussed the most important number in all of physics. 137 is the biggest mystery and most important number in all of science. 137 refers to electrons and the odds of an electron absorbing a single photon.

In case of Kabbalah system you will need only the name of the person. If you are an amateur or new to the systems of Numerology, Kabbalah may appear no different to you.

It is the reason why it is not popular among people, as it seems less efficient. Of course, speaking generally Numerology only calculates numbers.

Different numerological systems work with different information about the person.

No proof of this actual transformation exists, and yet the tale, with the specific date, persists.

One has to wonder why this number continues to surface.

Pauli and other physicists were convinced that 137 was a mystical number with a secret meaning beyond physics.

According to the science book Guess what the great physicist and genius Wolfgang Pauli discovered: He was shocked to learn that the numerical value of KABBALAH was 137!


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