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Many stood in line for hours to attend his Columbus Day rally — the Fire Marshall capped the gym at 2,600 inside the gym, outside in the school parking lot several thousands watched on a giant Jumbo Tron.

“We got here at noon,” said Janet Hartley, 55 who was still five blocks away from the school was 90 minutes before the event began.

She was alone, but an "older" man, they estimated around 35, was standing in the area and offered to give Becky a ride home.

The boys commented that the man was too old to give Becky a ride and, they said, he walked away.

I have since gained effective skills to aid those who have experienced traumatic incidents as well as a long list of pain-causing issues, challenges and disorders.""Are you feeling depressed, angry, hopeless, or feeling like you don't understand your teenager anymore?

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In addition, Harmony Hall residents are provided with after-hours crisis assistance.Police arrested an Ambridge man when they learned that the car Becky was last seen in closely resembled his car.At the time, he was a parolee on a Florida morals charge.I have years of experience with teenagers and young adults in the areas of mood disorders, eating disorders, and with individuals struggling with PTSD and the difficulties of overcoming trauma.""I am a Marriage and Family Therapist that has been in practice for 36 years and in that time I have developed an eclectic approach to working with many issues.I consider myself flexible and accommodating as it pertains to the individual needs of my clients because I work within their system of values and beliefs.If you're afraid you're going to hurt yourself or someone else, get help immediately, no matter the time of day or night.


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